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Time to Travel!



It has been a long winter and spring without much travel for the Kigers.  We went to Myrtle Beach last month to visit some family, and that has been it.  Well, our travel slump is finally over  and we will be cruising very soon!!

SunshineWe will be boarding the Carnival Sunshine this weekend for a 5 night eastern Caribbean cruise that will visit Amber Cover (Dominican Republic) and Grand Turk.  Carnival is not normally my first choice.  My first choice would, of course, be a Disney cruise.  In all honesty, Carnival would not have been my second choice.  That would be Royal Caribbean.  Our first cruise was on a Royal Caribbean ship, as well as our honeymoon, and a few more after that.  We have always been “loyal to Royal,” except when it comes to Disney.  🙂  Since we are traveling with extended family, we needed a cruise that wasn’t too far to drive to and fit everyone’s schedule and budget.  That led us to Carnival!

We have sailed Carnival in the past, but it has been about 8 years.  It was an okay cruise, not great, just okay.  We spent the whole time comparing it to Royal Caribbean and we felt a little let down.  After watching some YouTube videos about this ship, we have some better expectations of this cruise and are really looking forward to it!  One of our biggest negatives about our last Carnival cruise was the food and lack of options.  Well, they have really stepped it up since then with lots of variety on board!

TSL 3Our cruise returns to Port Canaveral on 6/29…Hey…doesn’t Toy Story Land open on 6/30? Why, yes!  Yes, it does!!  I didn’t have to do much convincing to get my husband to make a 2 night pit stop over at Disney on the way home to be one of the first to ride the two new attractions there!

We are armed with a brand new GoPro camera, so be on the lookout for more videos coming soon!  I plan on taking videos of our staterooms, pools, Camp Carnival, and tons of other great offerings on board this ship, as well as all of the brand new attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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