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Backstage Escape Games

I love escape rooms. They are quickly becoming a popular tourist attraction, team building activity, or just a fun night out with friends. If you have not done one yet, I highly recommend trying one out!

The general premise of an escape room is usually the same. You and your team mates are “locked” inside a room for 60 minutes, give or take a few depending on the mystery. There is a theme or a story that goes with the room, along with clues that will help you solve tasks along the way to eventually figuring out how to “escape” the room.

If you live in a larger metro area or tourist destination, you may have a few of these around you. We have one near us that’s located at an outlet mall. I think we have been there about 3 times. Each mystery has been different, and each time has been a lot of fun. We always have gone with our extended family, and I think we have only actually solved one of them within the time limit.

Since we were all together this past weekend at Myrtle Beach, we decided to check out one of the escape rooms at Broadway at the Beach. We chose the “Christmas is Over” escape room at Backstage Escape Games. This was, by far, the best escape room we have ever played!

To begin, yes, the tickets can be pricey. At $35 per person, this isn’t something we do often, but we all had a great time. You might also get lucky by checking for local coupons or on discount sites like Groupon.

The story line was Krampus had stolen all the Christmas gifts from a local village, and we had to find all the gifts before time ran out and Christmas would be gone forever. There were three total rooms that we worked in, having to solve riddles and clues to open each room to proceed in the game.

The set was truly magnificent! We really felt like we were in a cabin in the woods. The decorations were perfect, and the rules of the game were very simple.

With only a 29% success rate, I was pretty skeptical that we would actually be able to solve the mystery in time. There are cameras all over the room where an employee watched our every room and helped us as we got stuck. She was also quick to point out if we cheated, but we never intentionally cheated. LOL! We did have an issue with one puzzle that I really think had a malfunction. She could see that we had put it together correctly, but it wasn’t unlocking the next step, and she was able to override that for us.

We were able to finally put everything together and return all the gifts with just over a minute to spare!

One big difference that I notice between our local escape room and this one, is that our local attraction will change out the theme of a room every couple of months to keep the games new so locals will return. The escape room at Myrtle Beach caters more to tourists than locals, and they can afford to put money into an elaborate set, props, and clues. This one in particular only offered two different rooms, and it looks like they have had the same two rooms for quite some time.

We are planning on visiting the Myrtle Beach area again in September, and we have already decided on doing the Atlantis themed room next time. I would definitely recommend this as a great way to spend an hour at Myrtle Beach!

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