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Thanksgiving is next week!  Which means Black Friday and “Small Business Saturday” are also upon us.  I know you might be confused as to why or how booking a vacation would be supporting a small business.  Well, I’m going to tell you how.

When you book vacations directly on your own, did you know that you are paying the exact same prices that I can get for you?  Take Disney, for example.  When you book a trip directly through Disney, you are actually paying for the personalized services of a travel agent that you are not getting.

When you book through me, Disney will pay me out of the price of your trip.  You can’t call them and tell them that since you aren’t using a travel agent, you want a better deal.  Disney doesn’t work like that.  If you book on your own, that fee goes into their pocket.  Into their “big business” pocket.

A popular argument against small businesses is that consumers can often find the same or similar products for less at big box stores.  When it comes to vacations, you’re paying the same price whether you book at a big box store (like Disney) or a small business (like me).

So if you are thinking about surprising your family with an awesome family vacation next year, support a small business by contacting your local travel agent…or me.  🙂

Shop Small


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