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Rivers of Light Preview Event (RUMOR)


There is a rumor floating around that Animal Kingdom will be hosting two possible preview events for the new Rivers of Light shows a week before the show opens to the public.  Both events will be paid ticketed events, with the first preview available on April 15th (Friday), and the second preview the following day on April 16th.

The April 15th preview will come with a higher ticket price, as well as more perks.  For $99 a person (with a 4000 ticket limit), the event includes:

  • 4 additional hours of park access after closing, including select rides
  • 2 showings of Rivers of Light (8:30PM and 9:45PM)
  • FastPass to ride Kilimanjaro Safari after sunset
  • Complimentary beverages throughout the park
  • Food and beverages from Harambe Market and Flame Tree BBQ
  • Collectible lanyard

The April 16th preview is a bit more affordable at $49 per person, but open to 8000 guests, and includes:

  • 3.5 additional hours of park access after closing, including select rides
  • 2 showings of Rivers of Light (8:30PM and 9:45PM)
  • Food and beverages will be available for purchase at various snack carts, Thirsty River Bar, Trek Snacks, Flame Tree BBQ, and Restaurantasaurus

ROL 2April 15th definitely has more to offer, but I’m not so sure it’s worth the $99 price tag.  I’m not even entire sure that it’s worth the $49 price tag on the 16th, but that’s the day that would work best for me and I would really love to be one of the first to see Rivers of Light.  We will be there that weekend for the Star Wars Half Marathon races, so it does make it convenient to go.  It’s something that I will have to make a decision on when the information is released.  I know my husband would not be interested in going, since he will have to be up early for the half marathon the next morning.

Rivers of Light will open for regular nightly showings on April 22nd.  While the show is included with general admission, I’m positive there will be special dining events to include priority seating, similar to the Fantasmic! dining packages at Hollywood Studios.  However, that announcement has not been officially made, so details about the dining packages are unknown at this time.

Would you pay extra to be one of the first to experience a new attraction?  If so, how much is too much?

I’ll keep you posted if I decide to go!

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