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Ticket Price Increase Coming?

The rumor mill is hard at work once again!  This time, the talk is about ticket price increases coming to Walt Disney World.  How much they will go up is still a mystery.

Last year, surveys were done among select guests that discussed the possibility for varying ticket prices based on crowd levels, meaning peak travel times would carry the highest ticket prices.  Here’s an example of one of the calendars included in the survey:

Tiered Tickets

Under this system, guests would have the option of purchasing three different types of tickets:  Bronze, Silver, and Gold, with Gold (highest priced) tickets being good for any day throughout the year and Bronze tickets can only be used during off peak weekdays.  Silver tickets would be good for most days throughout the year, with a few blackout times during peak holidays.  Sound confusing?  I agree.

What does this mean for you?  Well, if you are considering a 2016 Disney World vacation, it means you need to book your trip now!  Any current packages booked before ticket price increase will lock the current tickets prices in, and therefore will not be affected by the upcoming increase.

All that is needed to book a package is a $200 deposit per resort room.  Since no one knows when the increase will be announced, if you’re sitting on the fence about a trip, then you need to get it booked now.  Even if you have to move your dates around or decide to change your resort after you book, your ticket prices are locked in.

Hit the “Free Quote” link above to contact me about your upcoming trip!

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