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Kenzie’s First 100 Meter Dash

Marathon Weekend has come and gone, and our daughter completed her first 100 Meter Dash as a part of the events.  Many people don’t know that children, even infants, can participate in runDisney races.  I would assume most people are like me and are so concerned with getting their own registration in before it fills up that they don’t notice the option for “Kids Races.”  I will always register Kenzie last, since those typically don’t sell out.

This was Kenzie’s first runDisney race after aging out of the Diaper Dash division.  Her first Diaper Dash was at the Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend in 2014, followed by Marathon Weekend 2015 and Princess Half Marathon Weekend 2015.  She was a little slow with her gross motor development, so she failed to actually “crawl” during any of these events.  No worries!  runDisney doesn’t require any specific form of movement, just that the child eventually makes it to the finish line.  Some of the older infants could already walk and would stand up and go after the race began.

The Kids Races were held at the New Balance Track and Field Complex at ESPN Wide World of Sports.  This was convenient, since it was a short walk from the expo down to the field for the races.  I’m sure many parents arrived to the expo the day of their child’s race and spent the morning exploring and shopping and then bring Junior down to the field to compete in their event right before lunch.

When we arrived, they had flags marking the different distance lengths for the various races.  The shortest distance is the Diaper Dash, being about 15-20 feet.  The next distance is the 100 Meter Dash, followed by the 200, 400, and finally the 1 Mile Race.  Kenzie will be in the 100 Meter division for another two years, and then ages out into the 200 Meter Dash at 4.

 100 Meters is a lot further than I thought!  Damn metric system!  But Kenzie had been “training” and she was prepared.  The race was conducted in waves, much like the Diaper Dash, although no set lanes and a bit more chaotic.  If you are at the start line, you go when they say go and then the next group moves up.  Being a lot smaller than most of the kids there, we stayed in the back of the pack and (I believe) we were in the last wave.  My husband held her hand while I took a video on my phone.  Hindsight….I wish I would have held my phone sideways and filmed in landscape mode, but I know better for next time.

Mickey Mouse was there to offer encouragement as the children ran by him, but many children, our daughter included, wanted to stop and give Mickey hugs and kisses.  In the video of her race, you can see her trying to go back to Mickey.  Not to worry, she was easily distracted by her brand new Steamboat Willie medal that she received upon crossing the finish line.

We can’t wait to see how she does next month at the Princess Half Marathon Weekend Kids’ race, especially knowing the theme this year is The Little Mermaid.  I have her shirt and pants picked out (hopefully it’s not too cold!), and all I have to do is make her tutu.  Have I mentioned before about her love for all things Ariel?  Oh, how I wish Ariel was going to be on her medal, but I think it’s just Flounder or Sebastian.  She’ll still love it!

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