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PhotoPass Gold!!


Okay, I’m a little biased here, but COME ON!!

PhotoPass struck pure gold with this photo.  I wish I new the name of the Cast Member that took the photo, because it has become my favorite picture from the entire 9 day trip. I’m sorry to say this, since my husband has also taken some awesome photos, but this one sums up Disney Magic in one smile.

In a previous post, I talked about how we lucked out when we renewed our annual passes this year and ended up with the new Platinum AP at the old prices.  PhotoPass photos are included with the new APs.  We usually don’t even look at our photos, let alone take any, but since it’s included, we’re looking as soon as they are uploaded and taking advantage of it more and more.  (By the way, the upload time is within minutes of having the pics taken.)  I discovered today that we can even still add embellishments and Disney artwork to the photos, so I gave this one a little holiday flare.  I definitely would have purchased this photo right here at any price.

This was Kenzie’s 6th trip to Disney World, and I have to say that each trip has gotten better and better with her.  She loves meeting her favorite characters, and has gotten great at waiting in line to see them.  When we get close to the front, she’ll say, “Almost…” knowing it’s about to be her turn.  Sure, sometimes she is overcome with excitement from time to time and tries to go straight to the next character, but she is easily reminded about taking turns.  I think that’s pretty impressive for a 20 month old.

She has her adorable “cheese” smile nailed perfectly.  And that leg pop!  She came up with that on her own.

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