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One Final (and Quick) Visit to the Magic Kingdom

Getting a decent night’s rest was good for my husband.  He still didn’t feel well, but well enough to knock out a few hours at the Magic Kingdom before hitting the road.

We got to the park around 9:30.  We grabbed a giant donut and apple fritter at the TTC before boarding the boat.  Once we got into the park, we headed straight to the train station.  We rode it to Storybook Circus, and then got off to see Goofy and Donald (had to give Donald a little love before we left!), then a final ride on It’s a Small World.

We ran into some of our friends in line for Dumbo, so we got to take turns taking pics of each other riding.  They got a pretty good one of us!

Now we had to say a final goodbye to Daisy and Minnie, and once again, Minnie tried to walk off with Kenzie.  She just won’t quit!  I think this was the 4th or 5th time she tried this during this trip.  I know she’s cute and all, but she’s also a toddler.  The cuteness isn’t 24/7…trust me.

On the way to meet up with everyone for lunch, Kenzie passed out in her stroller.  I guess she was “all done.”  (Inside joke – she says this ALL THE TIME!)  She slept all through lunch, even when saying goodbye to all of our friends.  However, she woke up the second we left the restaurant.  Go figure.

We stopped by the Emporium on our way out to grab a few things, and then hit the road for home!  We ended up rolling in about 10:30.  The entire way home, I got to keep up with our friends through our group text as they all went back to Hollywood Studios to see the lights again…and have Neil Patrick Harris in the background of one of their photos!  I had a feeling he would be there that night, since he had to be at Epcot every evening for the Candlelight Processional and this was his first free evening.  I figured he would want to take his family there to see the lights one last time, too!  Lucky ducks.


Hansen Family celebrating Baby’s First Celebrity Stalking at Disney!


We’ll be back for Marathon Weekend in January!!

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