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More Holidays Around the World!

Our last full day at the parks, and we wanted to spend it at Epcot.  Our goal was to stay through Illuminations, since Kenzie did really well during Holiday Wishes at the Christmas party, but that didn’t happen.  Truth be told, both my husband and I have been sick this entire trip.  It started with our daughter about a month ago with a slight fever and a cough.  Nothing too serious, and she cleared up in about a week.  Then I got a bad sinus infection, probably one of the worst I’ve ever had.  After 9 days of a pretty strong antibiotic, I ended up with a really bad ear infection in both ears. Then, my husband starts to finally catch it while we were at Disney.  He spent the last couple of days in a cycle of chills and sweats.  Advil and Tylenol were helping, but he was still feeling pretty bad.

Anyway, a few of our friends were starting to arrive for the “Farewell to Osborne Tour.”  I wish our dates had overlapped a bit more, but we were pretty excited to have Thanksgiving at Disney and couldn’t really extend our trip too much.  But we got a day and a half with them, even if we weren’t feeling 100%.

We spent the morning at Disney Springs, crossing off one of our bucket list items:  Disney Quest.  After visiting, I can totally see why they are closing this down.  Maybe when it first opened, it was a much better experience, but everything seemed a bit outdated.  One of the elevators completely reeked of something rotten in the carpet.  There wasn’t really a whole lot Kenzie could do here, so we only spent about an hour here and then headed over to Splitsville for lunch.  With the free vouchers included with the Magic Your Way package, it seemed worth it to give it a try, but now I kinda wish we had gone straight over to Epcot and spent the entire day there.

We tried to get Kenzie to nap in her stroller when we got to Epcot, and that took a while.  Our friends were having a late lunch at Sunshine Seasons, and since we couldn’t bring her stroller inside, we moved on to the Holidays Around the World.  We rushed over to Italy and watch La Befana tell her sad story of missing her chance to see the Baby Jesus.  Kenzie was finally napping, so La Befana was able to gaze upon her while sleeping and determined that she had been good this year!

Next up was Father Christmas over in the UK.  This would have been a good place for Kenzie to continue her stroller nap, but Father Christmas was very loud with his bell and she woke up.  Oh, well.  She got about an hour and that’s been enough for her on this trip.  LOL!  We met up with our friends and went on to Canada!

This was a little disappointing to see, since it seemed to be more about a live band concert than telling about Christmas traditions and legends of Canada.  The good news is that they have done away with the Lumberjack show.  We didn’t stay for this one very long.  It was time to see Santa and Mrs. Claus over in America!

We had to wait about a half hour, and when it was our turn, Kenzie had not changed her mind about not liking Santa.  I thought that maybe she would be okay with Mrs. Claus, but she didn’t like her, either.  We’re going to have a lot of these pics this year.  LOL!

It was about time for the Candlelight Processional to begin, so we decided to grab a quick bite in France and then catch Pere Noel before heading back to Future World to see Mickey and Minnie again.  I couldn’t really hear him too well.  I wish Father Christmas had been as quiet.  I was a little bummed at how quickly he took off once his story was over.  He almost ran out of there!  Most of the story tellers will hang around for photos.  I guess Pere Noel is a little camera shy.

On to Mickey and Minnie!  (Okay, and Goofy, too!)

 This visit could have turned into a great photo moment, if only Mickey had cooperated.  When we got to Minnie, she, of course, tried to kidnap Kenzie again.  This is becoming quite a habit of Minnie’s.  If Kenzie ever goes missing, Minnie Mouse is going to be our prime suspect.  She started walking off with Kenzie, and it took us a minute to figure out where she was going – to Mickey!  The PhotoPass Photographer had already run down to Mickey’s spot, so she must have known what was happening.  Minnie’s cast member told my husband, “You’re gonna want those photos!” So he took off, as well.  The only problem was that it was time for the characters to take a quick break, and Mickey had already gone backstage.  Minnie brought Kenzie back down to her spot, and tried to get Mickey to come out from behind the curtain, but he refused.  We were a little bummed, because that would have been a great photo opp with the two of them in their classic outfits.  Maybe if we had brought Mickey some cheese?

After the characters, we met up with our friends back at Sunshine Seasons for a snack and some chit chatting, and then we broke off.  Some of us went back to World Showcase, and the rest of us headed over to The Seas with Nemo and Friends.  Kenzie loved this ride, and of course, wanted “Mo mo mo!” but my husband was starting to hit his limit.  We hung around the aquarium for a bit, and then decided to head back to our room.

We had an early breakfast ADR at 7:50, but that would have meant getting organized and packed up the night before and then waking up early to load the car.  We felt horrible about canceling on our friends, but my husband really needed the rest.

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