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Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

We started the day off with more fun at the pool.  I have to say that the splash pool here at Caribbran Beach h is really impressive. Our daughter is still a little too young to fully enjoy all the features, but she still enjoyed walking around the water and watching the big splashes. 

After only about a one hour nap, we had to make our way over to the Magic Kingdom so we could use our FastPass to see Mickey Mouse. We were excited to see her reaction to a talking Mickey.


She was a little thrown. She loves seeing characters, but was not expecting this one to talk to her. There were two PhotoPass photographers there (I believe one was about to relieve the other), and they were both snapping pics. We got a total of 53 between the two of them, plus however many my husband took. We knew we had to come back and see Mickey again after he was dressed for the party!

We got a lot done in the first two hours!  After Mickey, we made our way over to Haunted Mansion, then Under the Sea, and Buzz Lightyear. The park was starting to feel very crowded with all the party guests trickling in, so we went to Pinnichio Village Haus for dinner. We got lucky with a table overlooking It’s a Small World, so our daughter was able to wave to all the boats as they went by.

After dinner, we hopped in line to meet Rapunzel and Cinderella with their princes, a special treat for party guests. It took about 45 minutes in line, but Kenzie was able to stay entertained by playing with other kids. She enjoyed meeting the face characters, and we were able to get some great pics!

 On our way up to Main Street, we made a quick stop to ride the People Mover.  Once we got to Main Street, we say some space up on top of the train station, so we headed up there to watch the first parade.

This was a great parade, and I really enjoyed it, but I prefer the Halloween parade a little more. The Halloween parade seems to have more unique floats and characters than the Christmas parade.

Immediately after the parade, we went back to see Mickey again, now that he was wearing his holiday outfit.

We had dressed Kenzie in her Christmas dress for the party, and I am so glad we did!  Once the cast members saw her, they gave us a private visit with Mickey. I think we were alone with him for about 15 minutes, with the cast member, PhotoPass photographer, and Mickey all gushing over her.  Another cast member poked his head in to see if he could send more guests in, and the cast member with us shooed him away.

After we finally said goodbye to Mickey, we made our way back over to Tomorrowland to see the Laugh Floor. This is one of my favorite attractions, because of all the audience participation.  No two shoes are the same!

We debated if we wanted to try to squeeze Minnie Mouse in or see the second parade. We ended up heading back over to Main Street by the Christmas tree to see the parade. We didn’t know how long the line was and didn’t want to waste time walking over there if the line was too long. Also, my husband was able to get some pretty good pics of the parade.


I don’t know how Kenzie was still awake and in a good mood, but she was. We thought about taking her to see Minnie, but it was 11:15 and we were all the way at the front of the park. There was a mass exodus happening, so getting down Main Street would have been tough. The responsible parents in us decided it was best to take Kenzie back to the room and get some sleep. She passed out in the car and nearly slept through me putting pajamas on her. But I’m sure she had some pretty magical dreams.

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