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Just a Perfect Day. 

We had an early start today, and we are not morning people. Yes, even our daughter likes to sleep until 7:30-8 every morning. It was tough to wake her up, but Be Our Guest was calling our names!

Kenzie wasn’t in the best mood this morning after being woken up so early and just having some Fruit Loops to snack on, but we managed to get a few good pics on our way to the restaurant. Our reservation was at 8:45, and we arrived promptly at 8:15.  We were sure to take advantage of the PhotoPass Photographer by the big Christmas tree.

This was the second time we have had breakfast at Be Our Guest. While the food is good, we think it is way overpriced. $20 per adult doesn’t seem like a good deal to us. I would rather pay $30 per adult and eat at Crystal Palace with a buffet and characters.  Yes, I love the pastry cream filled cronut, but not for what they charge. If I have to have a cronut, I’ll get one at Epcot at the Refreshment Port for $5.

After breakfast, we made our way to Storybook Circus for a flight on Dumbo, followed by a visit with Daisy and Minnie.  Our daughter was on cloud 9!  She loves “flying,” and Minnie is her absolute favorite. ❤️

We were surprised that Kenzie actually wanted to see Daisy, instead of run straight across to Minnie. She was generous with her time and kisses. We are lucky that she isn’t afraid of characters like most kids her age. She gets nervous around face characters, especially males, but absolutely loves full costume characters, and they love her. Minnie even tried to walk off with her today!

After we convinced Minnie to return our daughter, Mommy and Daddy baby swapped 7 Dwarfs Mine Train, and then it was off to It’s a Small World.  We were a bit early for our last FastPass at Under the Sea, so we figured we would check out Daisy and Minnie one more time. This time around, Kenzie left Minnie by saying, “I love you!  Bye-bye!!”  Melted.  My. Heart. ❤️

Now, it was time for lunch, so we hopped on the monorail to check out the Gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian and then eat at Captain Cook’s over at the Poly.

Lunch was a little bit of a disappointment. Not the food, just the disorganization of the entire process. Not to mention the fact that it started to rain a little bit and everyone was staking out tables inside, making it very difficult to find a place to sit. We did eventually get a table, so we were fine.

Quick stop back at the resort to grab a couple of things, and then we headed over to Disney Springs. We signed up for a pager to see Santa right away, then killed the time shopping. 😊 Very smart to use the pagers, so guests are free to spend money while they wait.

As I mentioned earlier, Kenzie is a little nervous when it comes to face characters. More so when they are male, so Santa had the odds stacked against him. She didn’t scream, but she also wasn’t the happy, smiley baby she usually is. Oh, well…you gotta have a few of those pics, right?

We ate dinner at Wolfgang Puck Express, and decided to call it a night.  We decided we aren’t too impressed with this place, either.  The only time we have eaten here has been on the dining plan, and then it’s a good deal.  It’s considered quick service, and is a great alternative to the traditional burger that most quick service places serve.  We wanted something that wouldn’t take a great deal of time, but going forward, I think if I want pasta a Disney Springs, I think I would rather try Portobello Country, where we can also use our Tables in Wonderland discount.

Kenzie was in dire need of a bath, and she was exhausted. After waking her up early and not really getting much of a nap, we knew it would be better if we turned in early. Plus, we got to watch The Walking Dead.  No spoilers, but O…M…G!!!!

Tomorrow, Epcot and Neil Patrick Harris await!!

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