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Moving Day

We packed up from our quick stay at Pop Century to move over to Caribbean Beach for the remainder of our trip. After we dropped off our bags with bell services, it was off to Universal!

We were a little disappointed to find out that the Macy’s parade or Grinchmas don’t begin until December 5th, the day after we leave. But that didn’t stop us from wanting to head over there, anyway.

Our first stop was at the new NBC Sports Grill at Universal CityWalk. That place does not disappoint!  It’s huge, full of screens showing live sports, and the food is awesome. I had the French Dip, my husband had a Cuban Meatloaf, and our daughter had macaroni & cheese. We sat upstairs, where our table overlooked the kitchen.  My French Dip was probably the best one I’ve ever had. The beef was super tender.  There was nothing chewy about this sandwich at all. In fact, I don’t think I even “dipped” my sandwich that much at all. I will most definitely be getting this again!

We tooled around Universal Studios the rest of the afternoon while our daughter napped in the stroller. We decided to cut out a bit early so we could get settled in our new room and turn in early for our breakfast at Be Our Guest in the morning.

When we arrived at Caribbean Beach, we were very bummed that our room was on the second floor. This wasn’t going to work with a baby and a stroller (no elevators at this resort). When we first called the front desk, I was told there were no more king rooms available on the first floor for our length of stay. I was okay with double beds again, although inward really looking forward to the extra floor space a king room would have provided us.

When we get to the new room, we were delighted that it had a king bed!  I don’t know how much attention Disney pays to room requests, but I did request a room on the first floor. I find it odd that not only did they not honor my request, but also that they told me it couldn’t be honored, all while they had one empty and available 2 buildings away. Oh, well, it’s all better now!

We are much more comfortable in our larger room.  We’re even able to put the pack and play behind the sliding doors to the bathroom. I know, it sounds a little tacky to stick her in there, but she has had the hardest time falling asleep with us in view. We stayed in a family suite at Cabana Bay on our last trip, so we were able to set up her crib in the living room area and close her off when it was time for her to sleep. We might have issues is we need to use the bathroom, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

As I mentioned earlier, we have a breakfast reservation at Be Our Guest in the morning before the park opens. These are my favorite reservations to get, because you’re allowed to actually enter the park 30 minutes before your reservation. This gives us 30 minutes of taking Christmas pictures of our little girl on an (nearly) empty Main Street.  I know we will take full advantage of this perk!

After that, we will be hitting up the monorail resorts to check out Christmas decorations and have lunch. Don’t forget to follow me on my Facebook page to get live updates and photos!

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