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Another Laid Back Day!

We started today off with a quick breakfast and then off to the pool!  While walking around the resort yesterday, my daughter kept telling us she wanted “swimming!” over and over again, so we couldn’t let her down. 

We started at the Hippy Dippy pool, but there isn’t a zero entry area there, so we moved on to the small splash pool behind it. No one was over there, so that left some great photo ops for my hubby.

Our daughter would have hung out there all day, if we let her.

After lunch over at Art of Animation (I’m a huge fan of the create your own pasta station there!), we had a quick nap for the baby and then it was off to Hollywood Studios.

We started off meeting the one and only Doc McStuffins. I posted on my Facebook page a couple of weeks ago about how excited I was that I found a super cute Doc outfit for my daughter to wear.  It was perfect, even if you can’t tell it has Doc on the front of the shirt.

On a side note, I’m not too sure about the future of Disney Junior area now that the Star Wars Launch Bay will be in the old Animation building. It really doesn’t seem to fit well in that area and everything seems really off. I am looking forward to checking it out on Wednesday!

After meeting Doc, we met up with some friends and used a FastPass for Toy Story. We ate a quick dinner at Backlot Express, and then saw the Muppets before heading over to check out the Osborne Lights.

It was crazy crowded. Today was predicted to be an extremely crowded day at Hollywood Studios, so we kept that in mind.  With today being the official kick off to the Christmas season, along with a holiday weekend, we were sure the Osborne Lights would be crowded, and they were. Traffic flow was one way, entering across from Lights Motor Action and exiting near Sci Fi Dine In. Of course, you’re welcome to hang out as long as you want, but there were several spots that were crammed full of people.

I tried to get the special Annual Passholder ornament, but they were currently sold out. We’re going back Wednesday and Thursday, so I’m hoping they get more in stock before then, but if not I’m sure we’ll be fine with the basic Osborne ornament. They’re both pretty similar.

We are moving over to Caribbean Beach tomorrow, and might head over to Universal for a little Grinchmas. I’ll post again soon!

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