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Our First Thanksgiving at Disney!

I thought we were in for it when I was able to get us a reservation at Liberty Tree Tavern for Thanksgiving dinner. The Magic Kingdom was predicted to be extremely crowded, so I played it safe and kept all of our FastPass+ reservations in Adventureland right after dinner. We didn’t even arrive at the park until about an hour before our reservation, but it really was not bad at all!

We hung around our resort in the morning and had breakfast and let our daughter take a nap before we wanted to head out.  We always drive our own car, so we were shocked that it only took us about 30 minutes to get from our resort to the park. We lucked out with a close spot, an empty monorail, and no one in the security lines.

The smells on Main Street were driving us crazy with hunger, so we went to see if there was any way they could seat us earlier. No such luck. 😞

We killed time by going over to Tom Sawyer’s Island, something we have actually never done before!  We couldn’t stay too long, so we will definitely want to go back.

When our food arrived, we ate every bite they served us. Well, except for the salad. I’m not a fan of salad, and neither is our daughter.  Although, she did eat a little bit of a cherry tomato.

Speaking of our daughter, I think she said the word “more” at least a zillion times during our meal. She was loving everything, even the meats!  (She has never been a big meat eater.) We enjoyed taking lots of pics and videos of her while we ate, and when we were finished, she had to be sure to tell everyone (yes, EVERYONE) “bye-bye” as we walked out.

Then, it was off to fly in a magic carpet, ride a pirate ship, see some singing birds, and go on a Jingle Cruise. We also managed to sneak in the Main Street Electrical Parade with only one row of people in front of us. We managed to do everything and then some in only 5 hours.

We left just as Wishes was beginning. Our daughter is still a little nervous about fireworks, so we didn’t want to risk ruining her night by upsetting her. Hopped on another monorail right away and we were back in our room before we knew it.

Today’s’ lineup includes swimming (our daughter DEMANDS to swim!), and then Hollywood Studios this evening to see Doc McStuffins. Oh, and we might see a Christmas light or two while we’re there. 😊


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