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Announced Today! Star Wars Half Marathon: The Dark Side!


The rumor mill was once again true!  runDisney has finally added a new race to the lineup at Walt Disney World!

2015 Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Medals
2015 Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Medals

Star Wars Half Marathon:  The Dark Side comes to Walt Disney World April 14-17, 2016.  The events include a 5K, 10K, half marathon, and kids’ races.  Should you feel so inclined and up for the “challenge,” you can sign up for the Dark Side Challenge and run both the 10K and half marathon for an additional medal to be awarded after completion of the half marathon.

There is also an additional challenge for those lucky enough to grab a registration for the Star Wars Half Marathon in January at Disneyland.  Run both Star Wars Half Marathons in California and Florida, and you have completed the Kessel Run Challenge and an additional medal for your collection!

runDisney Coast to Coast Race Challenge Medal
runDisney Coast to Coast Race Challenge Medal

According to the runDisney website, you can use the same race for multiple challenges in 2016.  That means if you complete the Kessel Run Challenge, you also qualify for the Coast to Coast Race Challenge and get ANOTHER medal!  That makes 4 medals for running two races!!  If you do both the Rebel Challenge and the Dark Side Challenge, you’ll walk (maybe crawl) away with a total of 8 medals.  That’s a lot of Star Wars bling!

This might actually motivate me enough to attempt a couple of half marathons in 2017!

*Correction*  After discussing the new challenges for 2016 with some friends, it appears as though one would need to complete THREE runDisney half marathons in the same calendar year in order to get the Coast to Coast Challenge medal and the Kessel Challenge medal.  Two half marathons was pushing it for me…I’m not sure about three!

2 thoughts on “Announced Today! Star Wars Half Marathon: The Dark Side!”

    1. I was actually correcting my post as you commented! LOL! We figured one would need to run three half marathons to get both challenge medals. I’m sure there are a lot of people upset that they won’t get to get the first Kessel Challenge medal! Oh, and I can’t imagine how fast these races will sell out! OMG!

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