Don’t Fall For Phony Contests!!

Have you seen friends entering contests on Facebook for free trips to Walt Disney World? Seeing a Facebook page with only 2000 likes that is giving away 500 trips tomorrow seems like pretty good odds, right? Wrong!

There are MANY fake Facebook pages out there claiming to be giving away free trips to Disney. How can you be sure the page you are looking at is legitimate? Check for these red flags to keep your personal information safe and protected:

Fake WDW Page

1. Take a look at the name of the page. The blue check mark next to the name is Facebook’s way of verifying the company is legitimate. Also, since the name “Walt Disney World” has already been used, these pages have to get creative and sneak unnecessary punctuation into the name. 

2. Check the number of likes a Facebook page has. Walt Disney World’s Facebook page currently has 14 million Facebook fans. Doesn’t that sound more believable than 2000?

3. Browse through the content on the Facebook page. Chances are, it only mentions this wonderful contest over, and over, and over again. Also, you may even notice that the page was just created a few days ago. Huge red flag, there.

Yes, there are some legitimate contests out there. Many travel planning sites, message boards, and blogs will do giveaways, but these companies don’t have the funds to give away so many trips. Even Disney doesn’t give away as many trips that some of these contests are claiming in the same promotional campaign.

So please, keep your information safe by not continuing to support fake pages like the one above! If there is a promotion from Disney, I’ll be sharing it here because I’m going to want to win, too!


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