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My Own Personal Memory Maker

A lot of readers right now might now me personally.  And if you do, you know that my husband’s biggest hobby is photography.  Specifically, Disney photography.  And he’s pretty good at it!

Monorail Flower and Garden FB Cover

In our BM Disney trips (Before Mackenzie), most of our evenings ended with me exhausted and heading back to the room to go to sleep, and my husband closing down the park to get empty park shots at night.  He’s been the last out of the park multiple times, and the cast members there have always been super nice about it and have never rushed him out.  Now that we have a little one, he doesn’t have as much freedom to do that sort of thing like he used to.  But he still gets plenty of great shots during park hours, too!


There are a few places he loves taking pictures, and one of them is on a ride.  He will stand back by the geyser at Big Thunder Mountain forever, taking pics of the coaster zooming past, or standing on the bridge in front of Splash Mountain, taking pics of the boats plummeting down.  Occasionally, he will get a great picture of a family or just an individual who is really enjoying the ride.  We have always enjoyed trying to find them and showing them the photo.  One of the first times we did this was with this photo of a family enjoying the Magic Carpets of Aladdin.

Magic Carpets of Aladdin

This photo ended up being used in The Unofficial Guide’s Color Companion to Walt Disney World.

So, you will see several pictures posted here from time to time, and probably about 90% of them will belong to my husband.  We’ve made some great photo-friends during our many trips, so I might share one of theirs, as well.

If you would like to check out his work, here is his website.  Although, after clicking on it just now, it doesn’t seem like he has been updating it as much as he used to.  You might be better off following him on Flickr, instead.

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