The Magic of Disney Animation…No More.

It was recently announced that Disney will be closing The Magic of Disney Animation, located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, on July 12th to make way for a new attraction.  This is upsetting news for many reasons.

First, it’s a great area to cool off during the hottest summer days.  Likewise, it was a great place to escape the rain.  Maybe if you are a local, you enjoyed ducking in there briefly to warm up during the cold and windy days.  Bottom line, is it that there was a lot to do inside that kept you entertained and safe from the elements.

This is where you could meet Sorcerer Mickey, The Incredibles, and whatever the newest Pixar character was.  Most recently, it has been Baymax.

There was also a cute little tour that took you through the process of bringing a character to life.  A little outdated, but still interesting to someone that has never done it before.  We always entered the building through the Animation Gallery to bypass the tour.  This is a favorite store of ours.  There are similar stores at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Downtown Disney, but this one seemed to be our favorite.

Most of all, I’m going to miss the Animation Academy.  I haven’t read reports saying if Disney plans to relocate this popular attraction, but I really hope so.  We haven’t been able to participate too much since our daughter was born, but we definitely took advantage of it on our recent adults only trip in May.  It has always been one of my favorite things to do, and I looked forward to bringing my daughter when she would be old enough to follow the directions and have fun with it.

Disney is planning on keeping the Animation Gallery open until late August, but still no word as to if they plan on relocating to a new location within Hollywood Studios or just closing altogether.

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