Plan Your 2016 Disney World Vacation Today!

Disney recently released their package pricing for (almost) all of 2016.  Yeah, I know that it’s the middle of 2015, but if you are considering a 2016 Disney World vacation, you want to book it now.

Disney 2016

Why?  Because certain rooms can fill up fast.  There are all kinds of events happening at Disney World all year long, and sometimes, your favorite resort could fill up before you know it.  If you want to travel during a busy time of the year and/or you have a large family that wants to be under one roof, then you want to book your room now.  Also, ticket prices typically increase during the first quarter of the year.  It could happen sooner, it could happen later, it may not happen at all, but the past several years, they have increased the first quarter of the year.  If you reserve a package before that happens, you have locked in your rate and you won’t be charged the higher ticket prices when or if they do increase.

Something to keep in mind when booking your 2016 vacation is that they are not discounted.  You will be reserving the package at the full, regular price.  But don’t panic!  Part of my job is to monitor promotions as they are released and apply them to your reservation to help save you money.  Sometimes, that may require a few changes in your reservation, and I will contact you about those changes and discuss them with you to see if it is worth making the change.  Those changes could be something simple like adding the park hopper options to your tickets.  It can also be a bigger change, such as changing your travel dates.  Sometimes those changes can end up saving you hundreds of dollars.  Maybe even thousands.  🙂

Also, booking your vacation early gets you on track for other types of reservations, such as dining and FastPass+.  Many people don’t realize that dining reservations are made as early as 180 days in advance.  And the most popular restaurants are booked that early.  If your family really wants to have dinner with Cinderella, in the castle, at a reasonable dinner time, then that 180 mark is important.  Sure, you might still be able to book a meal there a little closer to your trip, but it might be lunch at 2:10 or dinner at 9:15.  As your travel agent, I’m going to stay on top of things and make sure you don’t miss out on your must do reservations!

FastPass+ reservations are made 60 days in advance for on site guests.  If your little princess wants to meet Anna and Elsa, you’re going to need that FastPass+ reservation to avoid extremely long standby wait times.  Sure, they aren’t as bad as they were in the beginning (remember the 5+ hour long waits???), but they can still be time consuming and you don’t want to waste your time standing in long lines all day.

What’s required to book a vacation package?  Just a $200 deposit at the time of booking.  You can make payments throughout the year as often as you want, so the final payment isn’t so much of a sting.  The final payment would be due on or before 30 days before your arrival date.*  Cancellations made after your due date will result in forfeiting your deposit.

If you are considering a 2016 Walt Disney World vacation, contact me today!  Click the “Free Quote” link above, and I will get back to you with a no obligation quote.

* The final payment due date policy has changed between 2015 and 2016.  If you wish to make a reservation in 2015, the due date of your final payment will be on or before 45 days of your arrival date.

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