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What Am I Doing Right Now?

2016 PHM Weekend Save the Date

An an annual pass holder, one of the perks is early registration for runDisney events.  Right now, I’m probably refreshing my page, clearing my cookies, and logging in numerous times because the website is jammed with eager runners who don’t want to miss out on their chance to run in February.

Registration opens to the general public on July 14th, but today is my day!  Since Disney World is down to three race weekends per year, I’m expecting this to fill up fast.  Plus, this is an extremely popular event.  I’ll be signing my husband up for the half marathon, myself for the 10K, and our daughter for the 100 Meter Dash.  It will also be a wonderful reunion full of great friends including a  brand new, tiny friend that weekend!  I can’t wait!!

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